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"Dressing your children should be fun!"

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My name is Jeniffer Arias, owner and designer of Made by Jeniffer, I am a third generation seamstress, mother of two, who loves making beautifully handcrafted children’s clothes with unique and creative fabrics. The inspiration for my designs and style combinations came from my baby girl Mia -- her cuteness and distinct personality is the driving force behind my creations! It was during my first attempts to shop for Mia’s clothes that I noticed the limited selection of styles and multiple copies of generic sizes available, none of which, quite fit her body and personality. This experience fueled the beginning of our handmade clothing line for children that is custom fit to their body and reflective of their personality.

Baby girl wearing a sunflower romper

While rocking her Made by Jeniffer designs, Mia started to get increasing attention and compliments; strangers, family and friends alike began inquiring about and requesting handmade clothing styles for their children. As a result, the Etsy shop was opened and it began showcasing styles that parents all over the country, in the comfort of their home, could have access to. As an extension of our success with Etsy we created the Made by Jeniffer website with the intent to expand our children’s clothing line and develop a deeper and more personal connection with admirers of our work.


Baby girl wearing a pineapple romperAs a mother, I pride myself in dressing my children with quality, unique and stylish clothes; likewise, my work for your child will be bold, inspiring and most importantly, done with the same love I put into my children's clothes. Now dressing my children is also fun and I no longer have to conform to generic styles. What has your experience been like when choosing clothes for and dressing your children? We welcome your comments as a mean to bond and learn more about what our very loved children are enjoying to wear!

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