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What is a baby romper?

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What is a baby romper? To me, it is the easiest way to make a matching and fashionable outfit for my child during a fast-paced day.

If we are being technical, though, a baby romper is a one-piece garment with a loose fit that integrates a top (shirt) and bottom (pants) into a one-piece unit. Typically, the whole outfit shares the same print throughout the entire garment but can have multiple variations in the sleeve area such as straps, short sleeves, or my personal favorite--no sleeves. Another differentiating characteristic about rompers also referred to as jumpsuits, are the length of the bottom area. To be considered a jumpsuit the trouser part must be close to the ankles whereas rompers must stay around the knees area like shorts would.

When it comes to snaps and rompers, the opinions diverge considerably with some people liking the snaps while others do not; some parents prefer snaps since they allow them to undress their baby halfway when doing a diaper change similar to the benefit of a onesie. Contrastingly, there are those who prefer rompers that slip on through the neck opening, these provide a uniform look in the crotch area and prevent having to slip anything over your babies head, which is no fun especially in the case of a diaper blowout. For me, I choose the latter which allows for an easy way to create a fashionable toddler outfit that your child won't snap off when they discover those little itty bitty things called hands.

My favorite part about of these one-stop shop garments for my baby girl is that they make it easy to create a fast and stylish outfit for any day of the year. During the warmer months of the year, rompers made of light and comfortable fabrics will keep you children covered but cool while they play outside. In the cooler season, few garments are warmer than a leather garment. So do not be afraid to step up your fashion meter and add a leather romper to your children's wardrobe this season! By adding a long sleeve shirt under any romper in addition to socks with boots you can create a unique and stylish outfit to match you and your baby. With a baby romper, the need to look for matching pants and tops is removed from the equation, all I have to add is the perfect head wrap and shoes to make a stunning combination.

So there it goes, now you know what a baby romper is and its advantages for a busy mom. In the comments below, let us know what you call this garmet, how your dress them up and what side of the snap camp you are on.


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